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Exclusive interview with Natalia Andronova: Marco Gilardoni, the man who changes the world


The Italian company Gilardoni was founded in 1947 resulting from a bold decision made by the engineer Arturo Gilardoni who set a goal to organize production based on scientific principles and striving for constant innovations.

Today, the company produces unique high-tech medical equipment using X-ray and ultrasound radiation as well as equipment for operations in the industrial and safety fields.
Marco Takkani Gilardoni is the president and owner of Gilardoni – he has given the exclusive interview to the founder of Brand.Travel Natalia Andronova.

1. Could You kindly tell us about the history of Gilardoni s.p.a. brand: how was Dr. Arturo Gilardoni starting? Why did he choose this particular field of activity?

Gilardoni is a typical Italian family business in a quite unique market segment. My grandfather Arturo Gilardoni graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1929, a tough year due to the economical crisis, but near his birthplace Lake Como is the home town of Volta, and dedicated to him an expo was highlighting the “new technologies” born from the application of electricity. At the time Radio and X-ray where the two exciting innovation that seemed to be frontierless. He chose X-Ray and moved to the most important research labs to develop his skills in the technology. Just after WWII Gilardoni was founded on the principle that health care should be brought to the most rural areas, but key to any hospital treatment was radiology. Gilardoni started to manufacture a unique concept the “monoblock” a light weight, sturdy, portable complete x-ray system that rural doctor could even move in the small cars than existing.

Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni
Наталья Андронова и Марко Джиралдони провели деловую встречу в Риме / Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni

2. How has the company come to success, what difficulties did it face in the course of developing?

The Monoblock system proved to be very succesfull, but the real key of success where the principle that we still adopt to listen to the clientele needs and to try to find the best and most effective solution (under economical and technical terms) to comply with the needs. Gilardoni is basically a research laboratory that appies it’s technology to the ever evolving applications. At the same time this has lead to the biggest difficulties of our company: we alwajs had few competitors, but usually very huge companies (Siemens, General Electric etc) that have strong lobbing powers and alwajs try to have “their” solution accepted…. but this approach is more and more proving to be wrong, it’s the market and the clientele that ultimately decides what is good or bad. Mr Ford used to say that you could buy his car any colours you wanted as long as it was black, now marketing proves that the ideal is to be able to customize the product to the ideas and tastes of the client. But fighting and beeing technically ahead of Multinationals is quite difficult and challanging, and you need to be motivated

3. Do you remember Your first day at the head of the family business?

Not really, as for me partecipating into the growth of the company has alwajs been a pleasure and a desire, surely beeing at the top is not easy as you have to make a lot of decisions that have an impact on hundreds of families, but I don’t agree that you are alone at the top, I luckly have a great team of managers that are also friends and with whom I can share all the topics and together we can come to the best solutions. Team work is our daily routine

4.What personal qualities, in your opinion, has the president of the company to have so that the company would develop actively?

It’s easy to say leadership, but to be a leader you need to be able to listen very well, to understand as much as possible, to not fear the change and to be logical and rational in your decisions…. also to admit and have the force to recognise and overcome the mistakes make, you actually learn more from a defy than a victory. Be simple, and make life around you simple, that allows time to be allocated where is needed more. Lastly to have a strong family relationship… a spouse that understands and helps you is worth the top advisors.

5. What is the mission of Your company?

Save and protect human lifes and the most sofisticated and advanced devices build by humans…. it sounds as the task of a SuperHero, but this is actually what we do, and I guarantee you that this fullfies a person (any collaborator of Gilardoni) much more than even just money or succes.

Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni
Наталья Андронова и Марко Джиралдони провели деловую встречу в Риме / Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni

6. How do you see cooperation with Russia?

Russia is a great Nation with an extensive territory that has needs that are very different from what we know and understand in europe. The educational excellence that you can find in Russia is rarely matched anywhere else. Putting together the Russian excellence in education, the Italian ingenuity, and localizing the manufacturing in the heart of Russia could allow to better serve the needs of the markets we are approaching, in particular the medical market.

7. Why are You attracted to do business in the country?

We do business in most of the countries of the world, but few countries are so unique and challenging as Russia, we like challenges it’s in our genes, of course also there is the fact that Russia beeing a huge Nation with a large population rappresents a great growth opportunity.

Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni
Наталья Андронова и Марко Джиралдони провели деловую встречу в Риме / Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni

8. Please kindly share Your company plans for the future. What projects are You working on today? Are there any innovative developments, new ideas, plans for 2019? What field of activity of Your company do You consider to be the most important in the current environment?

We are active in the application of X-ray and ultrasounds in Medical, Non destructive Testing and Security, all the 3 areas are experiencing a wave of innovation: in Medical Radiology we are working on newly designed systems that will be able to offer optimized costs in order to bring the latest technology to all hospitals. In NdT railways seem to have found a second youth and specially with high speed trains the demand of performing systems is constantly increasing. In security the threat is ever evolving so our efforts are to bring advanced detection softwares and artificial intelligence as fast as possible on all our equipments, including for example shape recognition, a great help for the operators.

9. Where does the secret of a successful business lie, what is Your personal secret of success?

Never stop innovating and adapting, as in animals evolution is key, and surely bigger doesn’t alwajs means better, actually making decision fast\faster is what could be the key of succes, we have a very short chain of decision making process, and we try to include and analyse opinions of all the stake holders. For me personally a secret to success is to correctly balance all the decisions, I alwajs opt for a win\win solution, compromise if you want. In the long term beeing fair pays most.

Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni
Наталья Андронова и Марко Джиралдони провели деловую встречу в Риме / Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni

10. What personal achievements are You proud of?

I am proud of the fact that my friend and collaborators appraciate my transparent approach to all issues, I don’t believe I want to picture myself as the leader that alwajs has his solution or the best solution, but as the “good father” that tries to think of the wealth of all his clan (including all the people that have something to do with my job or my life). Apreciacion for what I do and how I do it is the best award.

Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni
Наталья Андронова и Марко Джиралдони провели деловую встречу в Риме / Natalia Andronova i Marko Dzhiraldoni

11. What has to be done to change the life for the better?

I am not a philosophist, but I believe that our society has moral and attitudinal issues, we need to make a few steps back and understan how not to be to consumistics, egoist and edhonist, I believe success is measured by your personal happyness rather than the material goods you own. I want to go to sleep everynight knowing that I have not betrayed anyones expectations. Lastly we should all remember something very Christian: “Do not do to the others what you would not want to be done to yourself” this simple rule if appied by everyone would certainly improve life everywhere.At the end of the day and more practically I believe that education (meaning knowledge) helps everyone in every aspect of life to be improved.

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